Honorbound Motor Ministries


Here is some information on how to start

HonorBound MM in your church:



A. Be a born again believer in Jesus Christ.

B. Faithfully attend and financially support a Bible believing church.

C. Be drug, alcohol and tobacco free for at least one year prior to membership.

D. Complete a study course in personal evangelism, such as "Personal Evangelism" by Global University, available at http://www.honorboundmm.ag.org/SiteFiles/102047/Content/documents/PersonalEvangelismCourse.pdf or through HonorBound Motorcycle Ministry for $5.00, including shipping.

E. Have a pastor's endorsement recommending applicant as a maturing Christian with a demonstrated burden for evangelism.

F. Have a Holy Spirit inspired passion to share the love of Jesus Christ with America's bikers and motorcyclists.

G. Members are encouraged to be motorcycle owners and riders. Exceptions may be made for individuals in support ministry of HBMM.

H. Be familiar and in agreement with the tenants of faith of the A/G.

I.  Members are encouraged to financially support HBMM on a regular basis as the Lord enables.

 Pastors and Assembly of God credential holders are exempt from taking the personal evangelism course called for in Item D.  Some churches are actually setting up classes to teach this course to the bikers that want the patch and then are honoring those who complete and get their patch in a Sunday morning service.

 For others in your church the Pastor's Endorsement (item E) states that the applicant faithfully attends and financially supports the local church.  Part of the goal of this ministry is to get bikers into a committed relationship with a local church.

 Once all the requirements are met (and if you are a pastor you already meet them) then you mail your application, pastor's endorsement, and $50 (the cost of the patch) to the General Council Chaplaincy Dept. at:

General Council of the Assemblies of God
Chaplaincy Department
HonorBound Motorcycle Ministry
1445 Boonville Ave.
Springfield, MO 65802-1894

 We leave the local structure to the local group under the leadership of the pastor.  You will determine how you want the leadership to look.  We can make recommendations, but the final authority is the local pastor.